Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meet the Teams!

We did a media crash course today to learn how to shoot and edit quick videos to post to the web.  Each team did a brief introduction of itself, under a name that has something to do with our destination of Dominica.

There is supposedly a slang word in Dominica that means "stupidly brave."  This team decided to name itself after that term: ARRETAO:

We studied Creole in preparation for our canceled Haiti trip and we are happy to learn that some Dominicans might still speak Creole.  This team picked the Creole word for "danger" and named itself DANJE:

There is a huge (endangered) frog that used to be a staple of the Dominican diet.  This team named itself after the colloquial term for that frog, MOUNTAIN CHICKEN:

The Dominican (pronounced doh-mih-NEE-kuhn, we think) national bird is the Sisserou Parrot.  This team calls itself SISSEROU:

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  1. Great vids everyone, looking forward to following along via the blog and videos.

    Trevor- Ok so I get the stair-climbing strong man routine as part of your video, but the PSafe routine? You're such a dork.